Becoming a Leader

I read something once that said, “calling yourself a leader and saying that you are a leader is rude”. And yeah, if I went around forcing people address me as “Leader Cassy”, then I can agree, that is rude. And I definitely don’t do that. But I do call myself a leader and I have worked hard to try and become one. I like to be in charge and having people look up to me is something that I strive for every day.

Photo From June 2009

When I was in 6th grade, I joined a traveling softball team called Line Drive. I was the youngest person on my team, and I was not a great softball player at all. My coach John McHenry was the best and so were my teammates. Line Drive did teach me how to become a better softball player. I became faster and stronger and I began to love the game so much. But during my time on Line Drive, I looked up to my older teammates, and my teammates, along with my coach, taught me how to become a leader.

When I was in 8th grade, Line Drive disbanded and I joined a new team, the Lady Aces. Now I was one of the oldest players on the team and I knew it was my time to become a leader and teach the younger teammates on the team how to become one. Every practice and game I worked hard to become that leader.

Since then, I have been captain of various volleyball and softball teams. I ran for senior class president, lost, and so I became the senior class historian in high school. In college, I became the Vice President of Philanthropic Service for my sorority Sigma Kappa in 2017, and I am currently the President of Sigma Kappa. I am also a committee head for business week for my club Business Student Council.

I am a leader. And every day I strive to be a better leader. Being a leader is something I am proud of, and something that takes a lot of time out of my day (especially being the president of Sigma Kappa). But being a leader is something that is important to me and it something that helps me Find Balance.

How do you find balance? Comment below and let me know!

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