Bad Day?

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. Every one of us has had that day where everything keeps getting worse and worse. Maybe you woke up late which caused you to be late to work and then later in the day you got a test back that you thought you were going to get a B on, but you actually got a D-. Maybe you left your coffee on top of your car and drove away and then had to go sit in a 3 hour class where the professor only reads off of a powerpoint but takes attendance.

A bad day can be anything, it can start anywhere and they are the worst. But after a bad day you are able to go to bed and start over the next morning. Bad days are even worse when they lead to bad weeks, to bad months, to bad semesters, to a bad year. And sometimes, those bad times are inevitable and just happen. A family member could pass away, you and your boyfriend could break up, you lost your job, and or maybe you failed a class.

I think an important part of finding balance is knowing that bad days are going to happen but not letting bad days turn into bad weeks and those to bad months and those to bad semesters. I’m definitely not writing this blog post to tell everyone how to fix their bad times because I have no idea myself. But if I had a bad day yesterday and can feel myself feeling bad the next day, it is time to ask myself the following questions:

  1. Is it worth being in a bad mood about?
  2. Have you vented about it yet?
  3. Has this person/situation led to a bad day before?

If your answer to #1 is yes, then go ahead and continue on with your bad day. Hopefully you’ll be over it soon. If your answer is no to #2, then find someone from your support system and vent. We have a support system in our lives for a reason. If your answer is yes to #3, then maybe it is time to remove yourself from the person or the situation. Remember, you are the most important thing in your life. If you are constantly in a bad mood over another person or a situation, get out of there.

And again, we’ve all been there. Everyone has had rough weeks, terrible months, horrible semesters, and bad years. Bad times are a part of life. But it is important to try and move past these bad times.

Here are a couple things that might help you if you’re going through some bad times.

Bad day:

  • Vent to someone
  • Eat some junk food
  • Watch a movie or a TV show that can cheer you up

Bad week:

  • Go visit your parents or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. They will cheer you up.
  • Do something for yourself

Bad month:

Bad semester:

  • Have a week straight of “me” days
  • Go on a little vacation

Bad year:

Bad times are always going to happen, but it is important for your balance to recognize these bad times and do something to change it. How do you find balance? Comment below and let me know!


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