Away for College

I spent this past weekend in Illinois with my mom, my dad, and my brother Scott, to help my brother move into his dorm and help get him ready to start college. My brother is attending school at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois on a football scholarship. Joliet is about 45 minutes outside of Chicago and is a beautiful town. My parents and brother visited the school and town this past April before my brother committed to play football at the school. But this was my first time seeing the school and town, and it was even my first time being in the state of Illinois.

University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL

My parents and brother drove 27 hours from Reno to Joliet, Illinois earlier this past week. I flew into Chicago Midway on Thursday since I wasn’t able to miss a whole week of school and class (and I didn’t want to do the 27 hour drive).

After picking me up from the airport, my family and I went straight to Joliet so that I could see the town and the University of St. Francis for the first time. Joliet is a lot bigger than I expected and it is a beautiful town full history. Joliet is actually well known for the prison that is in the town. The Joliet prison was built in 1858 and was in operation until 2002. The prison is featured in season 1 of Fox Network’s Prison Break and the Blues Brothers Movie. The town is going to start offering tours of the prison on August 25th, so when I go back to visit my brother I will definitely be taking that tour.

My brother showed me around the University of St. Francis. The University of St. Francis is a small catholic university that has about 2,000 students enrolled. I was very impressed with how beautiful the school is and I think that it is a perfect fit for my little brother. That Thursday night, my family and I drove to Arlington Heights, Illinois and had dinner with some of our family that live there. It is nice to have some family close to my brother since my parents and I are about 1,700 miles away from him.

On Friday, my brother started his fall football camp which pretty means that he has football for 12 hours straight for the next 17 days (until school starts). My parents and I got to see his first football practice and his team looks like they are going to be pretty good this year. Lucky for us, the first game is at Sacramento State so we will all be able to drive the 2 hours to see my brothers first college football game. I am also going to Joliet in October to see one of my brothers football games and to visit with him as well.

My family and I are so proud of Scott, and we think that the University of St. Francis is a perfect fit for him. But him being away from college is going to be a huge adjustment for all of us. I didn’t go out of state for college, I went 20 minutes away to the University of Nevada. So I have been able to go home whenever I need and I see my family a lot. The 4 of us are pretty close and we love spending time together. So my brother being half way across the country, in a different time zone, will be different for all of us and we will have to work together to find balance between this new situation. What makes us all feel better, is that we know the University of St. Francis is perfect for Scott and that he is going to be happy there. And we do get to see him at least once a month while he is gone this first semester.

It will be hard at times, but I think that my family and I will be able to find balance on this new arrangement. How do you find balance? Comment below and let me know!


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