Back Home

Over the summer I have been living at my parents house since my sorority house closes for the summer. I loved being at home this summer since I got to spend time with my brother before he left for college and spend time with my parents (and my dog). My family and I spent a lot of time together and it was so much fun.

This past weekend I moved back into my sorority house. This will be the second year that I will be living in the house.

My sophomore year I was elected Vice President of Philanthropic Service for my sorority which meant that I would serve on the executive council. Each member of the executive council is required to live in during the last semester of their term. So when my junior year of college began, I moved into my sorority house.

To be honest, I thought I was going to hate living in my sorority house. I grew up with a brother so I had never lived with girls. I thought that it was going to be constant drama everywhere and that people were going to steal my clothes and make up. My friend Jen, who was serving on the executive council as Vice President of Programming, and I decided to room together and we chose a room upstairs in the sorority house. We chose to live upstairs because it has a big bathroom and there are only 4 girls who live upstairs compared to the 24 girls who live downstairs.

Living in my sorority house is the best decision that I have ever made. It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. Of course there is the occasional drama because there are 28 girls under one roof. But no one steals clothes, and actually everyone is so generous that you have 27 other closets to choose from when you are looking for something to wear. Before I was elected president, I knew that I was going to live in again my senior year.

This year, Jen and I are going to continue being roommates, but we actually moved downstairs even though we swore we never thought we wanted to. I really do think that I am going to remember my days living in my sorority house forever. I have met and gotten close to people that I would have never expected. I have had some of the best nights that were so spontaneous. I have had 27 girls who are there for me and have my back when I am having a hard time. And most importantly, I have chefs to cook for me and a cleaning service that comes twice a week.

I am so glad that I was elected to the executive council my sophomore year which led me to living in my sorority house for 2 years in a row. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Living in a sorority house can be difficult. During midterms and finals week, people are definitely stressed and you can feel it all throughout the house. And sometimes it can be loud when you really wanted to have a quiet night in. During those times, I leave and go to my parents house or I go find my balance somewhere else.

How do you find balance? Comment below and let me know!

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