About Me

Hi Everyone!


My name is Cassy Walsh and I am about to start my senior year at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am studying finance and business management and I aspire to be a lawyer one day.

I, along with other women my age, have many things going on my life including school, work, family and friends, and many extracurricular activities to keep myself busy. I like my life this way and I can’t imagine it being any different. It might sound crazy, but I enjoy having my days jam packed with school, work, meetings, coffee dates, and any other activities that I can fit in. I don’t like to sit still. And if I feel like I am, I will take on more things.

But I do understand what it is like when I have too many things going on. Too many events to attend, too many emails and texts to respond to, and too many tasks to complete on my to do list that it starts to feel suffocating. I went to my sororities convention earlier this summer and the key note speaker, Lindsay Boccardo, said that this is the feeling when “living in high achiever land” becomes too much. As Lindsay spoke, I realized that I have been living in high achiever land since I was about 11 years old, and as time went on I just replaced my old interests with new ones until my life was jam packed with many things to fill my day.

I’m writing this blog in hopes to help people like me balance their life or maybe to help people understand how I function. I am striving to find balance between being busy and being too busy that it is almost suffocating.

Thanks for reading,